Investing wisely in Cybersecurity in 2024 using an evidence-based strategy; options include Netowrk Penetration tests, Security Assessments, and more. Threats will increase, so protect yourself prior to the breach instead of after.

Investing Wisely in 2024: Cybersecurity 

Investing Wisely in 2024: Cybersecurity 

Does your organization use technology? Do you store client, employee, and confidential data? 

Few can say no, as business are efficiently scaled using digital tools to automate operations, store data, and communicate internally and externally.

1. The advancement of digital tools (including AI) creates new avenues for cybercrime if your network is not tested. 

2. Increased automation may foster an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude toward cybersecurity. 

3. Evidence-based cybersecurity planning reduces your chance of a data breach, reputational damage, financial loss, etc. 

One of the most efficient ways to uncover cyber risks and make systematic improvements to cybersecurity is to invest in a proactive security test. This is an independent assessment of the technologies used by an organization to find weaknesses before a malicious hacker exploits the vulnerability.

While there are several types of penetration tests, let’s break down a Network Penetration Test (This one applies to the largest number of organizations!).

  • Focusing on communication pathways, Network Penetration Testing safely simulates the path a malicious hacker could use to compromise your organization. Targets include firewalls, routers, switches, and servers.
  • Ethical Hacking teams attempt to move laterally in the network to seize system traffic, passwords, uncover sensitive data and safely mount an attack to uncover the path cyber criminals use to exploit untested organizations. 
  • Penetration testing is an efficient way to pinpoint where your most critical cyber risks are hiding.
  • You can verify the response time and effectiveness of current security measures.
  • A thorough, manual security test reduces security gaps that could lead to data loss, ransomware, and denial of service attacks.
    • Learn difference between a manual test vs an automated scan here.
  • The results clearly define where you should focus your time, money, and effort to reduce cyber risks.
    • Some Ethical Hacking teams provide the results for technical AND non-technical audiences.
  • Certain compliance standards may require or recommend retesting 
    • PCI DSS
    • HIPPA
    • SOC 2
    • ISO 27001
  • New vulnerabilities occur throughout the year, creating more pathways for malicious hackers.
  • It ensures that security measures work thoroughly as digital environments change.
  • Cybersecurity culture develops as individuals recognize the importance / investment made.

Some boxes we highly recommend checking off throughout 2024 are…

  • Assess your current security posture.
    • When was the last security test performed? What type? What were the results?
  • Stay informed about industry regulations and compliance standards.
    • Subscribe to updates regarding compliance standards that apply to your organization.
    • Anticipate general cybersecurity expectations of B2B and B2C engagements.
  • Determine if your cybersecurity practices are scaled for organization size and complexity.
    • Goals, budget, and timeline differ between organizations, so scale your cybersecurity accordingly.
    • Consider the sensitivity of data you store, potential monetary loss, and other repercussions.
  • Identify the cause of previous cybersecurity incidents.
    • If you have experienced a cyber-attack, what was the cause? How did your organization respond?

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Investing Wisely in 2024: Cybersecurity 

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