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Zelvin Security provides world-class security testing for organizations that need to protect their customers, assets, and brand from world-wide cyber threats.


Zelvin Security provides world-class security testing for organizations that need to protect their customers, assets, and brand from world-wide cyber threats.

World-Class Security Testing

This is key to protecting your organization from world-wide threats.

As a business leader, we know the pressure is on when it comes to cybersecurity risk management. Our team will help you reduce risk, spend your cyber budget wisely, and provide business friendly solutions to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. They will use their technical expertise, business acumen, and years of manual penetration testing experience to give you root-cause results.

Zelvin Security

Common Zelvin Security Testing Services

Internal Network Penetration Test

Chances are your external network is strong, and your internal network is protected by layers of technology appliances built to prevent intrusion.

But what if a hacker bypasses your defenses and social engineers their way into your internal network?

Can the hacker....

  • Move laterally
  • Escalate permissions and bypass authentication
  • Access PHI, PII, or other sensitive information
  • Gain control and compromise the network or data 

Our team takes a customized approach to test your defenses to emulate a hacker-in-the-wild identify where additional protects are needed. We’ll show you how an adversary could compromise your system and then give you risk-reducing strategies to protect your business.

Web Application Penetration Test

Your business runs on applications and 75% of cybercrime is aimed at web application vulnerabilities. 

Most apps are used by businesses with the assumption that they are secure. This can be a big mistake. Apps are built for functionality, not security. 

Our team combines rigorous manual techniques with industry best practices to test web application categories including:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Session Management and Exception Handling
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Database and Server Components
  • Source Code
  • And more
Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment is a technique used by security professionals at Zelvin Security, to test software, hardware, configurations, networks, and other systems for potential vulnerabilities.

These vulnerabilities are published, known vulnerabilities maintained in a online database located at NIST. https://nvd.nist.gov/ 

The goal of a vulnerability assessment is to provide recommendations for remediation or mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities to reduce the overall risk to the organization.

Vulnerability assessments are typically conducted on a regular basis to ensure that any newly discovered vulnerabilities are identified and addressed in a timely manner. Vulnerability assessments are an important component of a comprehensive security program and can help organizations to proactively identify and address potential security risks to their systems and network.

Security Awareness Training

With this training, you can:

  • Teach your employees how to spot a phishing email or other types of social engineering attacks
  • Learn the tricks hackers use to make a malicious email look legitimate and how to verify the message is safe
  • Understand the risks of using insecure passwords and foil an attacker's attempts to compromise your data
Purple Team Engagement

A purple team exercise is a collaborative security test that involves the simulation of a real-world cyber attack scenario. In this exercise, the "red team" (Zelvin Security) attempts to breach a system or network while the "blue team" (defenders) is actively anticipating the attack. The blue team verifies it can efficiently see and respond to the attack.   

This collaborative strategy is used to improve the organization's defensive measures.

It can help organizations identify and remediate vulnerabilities before an actual attack occurs, and also help security teams to gain valuable experience and knowledge to improve their skills and readiness.


Wireless Test

Wireless testing is used to attempt to gain access to the wireless network and then use it to gain access to sensitive information or access to other areas of the network.

This includes setting up a rogue access point, bypassing security controls and incepting network traffic. 

Security Architecture Review

A security architecture review is a comprehensive assessment of an organization's network security from the network infrastructure, systems, applications, and data management process against established security policies, standards, and best practices.

This includes reviewing the effectiveness of the security controls in place. This may include evaluating the design and implementation of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, access control mechanisms, encryption technologies, and other security measures.

The results of a security architecture review can help organizations to identify gaps in their security posture and make recommendations for improving their security architecture to better protect against threats and attacks. The review may also help organizations to develop a roadmap for improving their security posture over time.

Regulatory Compliance

Complying with regulations and privacy standards imposed by authorities may seem complex. Zelvin Security can help you successfully address risks and security controls to meet regulatory requirements.

  • New York's SHIELD ACT
  • DFS 23 NYCRR 500
  • Ed Law 2D
  • NIST
  • CMMC
  • And more

Simplify your governance and security program by testing policies and exceeding compliance standards.


Using an adversarial mindset, OSINT techniques will gather data using social media, online sources, onsite observations, and intelligence gathered using hacker tools and methods. This information is used to conduct Black Box Security Testing. 

Black Box Testing aka Zero Knowledge

A black box penetration test is a type of security assessment that simulates a real-world attack on an organization's systems or network. In a black box penetration test, the tester has no prior knowledge of the target system or network and must rely on their own skills and techniques to discover vulnerabilities and gain access.

During a black box penetration test, the tester will attempt to identify vulnerabilities in the target system or network by performing a variety of attack techniques, including network scanning, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities. The tester will also attempt to escalate privileges and gain access to sensitive data or systems.

The objective of a black box penetration test is to simulate a real-world attack and determine the effectiveness of the organization's security controls in detecting and preventing unauthorized access to their systems and network.

The results of a black box penetration test can provide valuable insights into the security posture of the organization and help identify weaknesses that need to be addressed. It can also help organizations to improve their incident response procedures and develop more effective security measures to prevent future attacks.

Internal Ethical Hacking Engagement

The goal of Internal Penetration Testing is to leverage and exploit security vulnerabilities to attempt to elevate authority, pivot, move laterally, access PHI, PII, PCI and other sensitive data within the rules of the engagement.

The team’s objective is to elevate its permissions to the highest authority to gather sensitive information during the allotted time.

OWASP Open Web Application Security Project

OWASP provides free and open resources for organizations to improve their application security posture through community-led initiatives, tools, and resources.

The mission of OWASP is to make software security visible so that individuals and organizations are able to make informed decisions about true software security risks.

OWASP provides a number of resources, including documentation, frameworks, tools, and educational resources for software developers, architects, and security professionals.

OWASP is best known for its "OWASP Top 10" which provides a list of the most critical security risks to web applications. Zelvin Security has been testing web applications for 20 years, which is about how long OWASP has been a global non-profit organization. 

Recovery after a Breach

Once an attacker gains access to a corporate network and then gains full control of an organization, ransomware is used to monetize the access for the hacker. 

Once this occurs, the organization responds to the attack by reacting and recovering from the event. 

Zelvin Security's security team is a key resource for IT teams when the organization is rebuilding its network and systems after compromise. Our team will guide the leadership team, through a series of activities to build the organization back with a security first mindset. 

A Network Penetration test performed against your corporate network uncovers gaps and entry points malicious actors could use to mount an attack.

Regulatory compliance is not the only reason this type of test is important. This proactive security test give you a chance to view your corporate network through the eyes of a hacker.

Knowing what a hacker-in-the-wild can see, steal, or do within your network is essential to protect it.

Zelvin Security

Web Application Penetration Test

Discover how an attacker could use your core business data to alter accounts, access personal information, or render your web app unusable.

In production or QA, Zelvin Security's team uses years of experience to test authentication, input variables, business logic, and other application components.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment helps to identify potential security threats and weaknesses in an organization's IT infrastructure before they can be exploited by attackers. Performed on external, internal, and web application environments, this simple security test is required for many compliance programs. 

It is also a smart way to identify security risks proactively and reduce the risk of a costly data breach. By addressing vulnerabilities proactively organizations significantly reduce their cyber risks. 

Improve your security program in EXACTLY the right places.


What is the Gray Zone?

A gray zone is where a hacker-in-the-wild moves laterally through a network and is NOT detected by alert and monitoring tools. 

Using alerts and monitoring 24/7 is vital to protecting your organization, but it is not enough. Hackers know how to evade some of these tools so they can go unnoticed and gain access to sensitive information.

Zelvin Security performs security testing to pivot within a network environment to gain control of high value targets (servers, domain controllers, back ups, software) without being detected by modern day tools. This type of testing is critical. Protect your organization by removing these risks before a hacker finds them.

Why Choose Zelvin Security?

web app

Reduce Cyber Risks

Security testing is the key to proactively reducing cyber risks. By identifying vulnerabilities through third-party, independent penetration testing, organizations can proactively remediate security gaps before they can be exploited by cybercriminals. 

A hacker-in-the-wild is focused on gaining control of your organization for financial gain. The goal of Zelvin Security during a penetration test is uncover cyber-risks that could lead to compromise. 

Security testing is the best method to confirm that existing security measures are effective and uncovering unknown cyber-risks before it is too late.

Penetration testing emulates an adversary to reveal vulnerable blind spots. 

Can the hacker...

  • Gain Internal Network Access
  • Move laterally from a compromised workstation to a high-value target
  • Intercept and crack passwords
  • Access sensitive client information (PHI, PII, PCI, Intellectual Property)
  • Remain undetected even when Endpoint Detection, Alerts, and Monitoring is in place
Network Security

Spend Your Cyber Budget Wisely

We use a custom approach so we can deliver the best value in security testing and make every dollar count.

Our Approach


  • We are vendor neutral.
    • We do not sell or recommend security products or tools.  
  • We do not provide IT services.
    • We use an independent perspective with an adversarial mindset.

Sensible Engagements

  • Your IT environment is unique.
    • With your input, we will define the scope with clear goals.
  • Your IT team will benefit for years to come.
    • Our test results include they "why" behind the security recommendations. 

Pragmatic Recommendations 

  • A root-cause analysis is performed on every finding.
    • This is often the most cost effective method to reduce risk. 
    • This often resolves several findings at once.
    • Foundational risk remediation keeps the issue from occurring again.

Business Friendly Results

Operations vs. Security are not always aligned, and we can help.

Operations teams are focused on sales, revenue, growth, and profits. This requires efficient workflows, low costs, and a keen focus on the business mission.

Security teams are focused on threats, external and internal risks, and layering protections. This sometimes requires inconvenient or new workflows and spending on training which impacts business output.

To overcome this common barrier, Zelvin Security will use 20 years of cybersecurity consulting experience to find the delicate balance between the  operations and security teams. 

We do this by using recommendations that are appropriate, convenient, and meet security standards against today's cyber threats.

Each Zelvin Security finding includes two key components.

Evidence - Using results from the security test, the vulnerabilities include screenshots, code excerpts, or other pieces of data to provide artifacts regarding the risks.

Education - Test results include an underlining description of the security risk. This help the business teams gain a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity problem and the motivations behind the security need.

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Number of years Zelvin Security has been testing web applications.
(That was the same year OWASP was founded.)