Network Penetration Testing

Improve security with a custom penetration test.

Network Penetration Testing

Protect your profits, business, customers, and brand.

From an attacker's point of view, a network penetration test provides evidence-based security recommendations so your organization can:

  • Avoid Business Disruption
  • Maintain a Competitive Edge
  • Reduce Risk with Clarity
  • Comply with Regulations
Zelvin Security

Uncover the opportunities a malicious hacker could use to gain access to your internal network without your knowledge.

  • Social Engineering (phish, smish, vish)
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Identify Hacker Opportunities (mfa, website, impersonation, VPN)

If an employee clicks on a malicious link or answers a malicious email without realizing it provided access to your corporate network, what would the hacker be able to steal, do, or see?  

  • Move Laterally
  • Access PHI, PII, PCI
  • Disable and Compromise the Backup
Zelvin Security
Zelvin Security
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Cloud Penetration Testing

Performing a penetration test against single, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments allows an organization to identify potential misconfigurations,  interdependencies or security gaps that could pose a risk to the organization.

A network pentest is an opportunity to safely uncover security weaknesses using a hacker's point of view and an arsenal of hacker tools before a devastating cyber-attack.

Using a systematic approach (and 20 years of experiencing thinking like a hacker) our team will work with you to develop a custom security testing plan. This plan will equip you with the details you need to make measurable improvements to your cybersecurity posture. 

Network Security is evolving. Today, security leaders are focused on measuring the effectiveness of their security programs and building an offensive team to stay ahead of cyber threats.

At Zelvin Security, we offer network penetration testing designed to assist your organization with safeguarding your data and proactively measuring your cyber risks. 

Our approach to security testing is refreshingly different.

When you combine our core values, decades of experience, and straightforward approach you will be able to answer this question. 

"Where should I send my time, money and effort to reduce cyber risks?"