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Zelvin Security, LLC, is an Ethical Hacking consultancy specializing in Network and Web Application Penetration Testing.


Zelvin Security, LLC, is an Ethical Hacking consultancy specializing in Network and Web Application Penetration Testing. 

Zelvin Security

We were founded in 2002, with the goal of providing customer centric, vendor neutral security tests for organizations. Today, this goal remains and our mission is committed to providing independent, third-party security testing so organizations can protect their customers, assets, and brand. 

Our best-in-class penetration testers use their experience, team work, and deep knowledge of IT environments to uncover security risks for your organization, so you can protect your customers, assets and brand.

We proudly serve clients throughout the US from our Knoxville, TN lab. Organizations who count on us include large and small financial institutions, healthcare organizations, online retailers, software developers, resorts, schools, and even small businesses.

Zelvin Security

Just a Phone Call Away

At the end of every engagement we tell our clients, "if you have a question, give us a call" and we mean it! We know that security questions come up outside of the annual penetration test window. That's why we make sure our clients have access to our team throughout the year. The cost for this service for our clients is $0.00.

Our Core Values

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Quality Counts

Malicious hackers have an unlimited amount of time and resources to mount an attack against an organization. Yet, most security testing teams are bound by a specific testing window, often set to Monday – Friday during business hours.

We believe that a rigid testing window impedes creativity and quality. Our team is given extended testing windows to allow for research breaks and collaboration. This promotes creativity, problem solving and better test results. 


The Roadmap - A Custom Strategy

At the conclusion of each engagement, the Zelvin Security team works together to deliver a custom strategy to reduce your cyber risks. This roadmap is the key to remediating your cyber risks with clarity and ease.  

Your security roadmap includes:

The Hacker's Point of View - A breakdown of the path the ethical hacker took to look for high value targets, sensitive data, and opportunities to compromise the environment.

The Executive Focus - Using the results of the security test and a proprietary algorithm, the report will identify the current risks by criticality and the key areas the organization should focus on to improve its security posture.

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Root Cause Anaylsis

The last thing your team needs is more work to do. That's why at the conclusion of the security test, the Zelvin Security team analyzes the results and identifies the most efficient and cost-effective method to remediate the findings. 

This team approach reveals the root of the security issue and reduces the workload of the internal IT team. 


Accurate and Clear Results

Correctness of the test results is essential to help your organization make decisions. Each finding will include the level of risk, according to industry best practices, factual evidence, and step-by-step directions to remediate the risk from your organization. 

The Zelvin Security reports are not generalized, computer generated or cookie cutter. They are built specifically for your organization so you measure and reduce your cyber risks year-over-year.

Whether this is your first or 1000th security engagement, we want to discover your security goals. We can meet at our office in Knoxville, TN or online/virtually to find out if our organization is a good fit for you.

The first meeting is an opportunity for you learn about our experience and our chance to better understand your testing needs. This meeting is followed by a detailed, custom proposal, including costs, timelines, and deliverables. Our dedicated team will personally manage your project from start to finish.

Learn more by giving us a call (865) 321-1970 or schedule a meeting, today!

Zelvin Security

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