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Industries Served

See if Zelvin Security is right for you.

Industries Served

See if Zelvin Security is right for you.

Zelvin Security proudly serves clients throughout the United States. Our experience spans across nearly every industry bringing highly technical security testing to organizations.

Our clients include some large, well-known companies,* as well as technology companies behind the web applications you use for your business.

Financial Institutions, Healthcare Organizations, Resorts, School Districts, Manufacturing Companies, and software Development firms are among our portfolio.

*We'd love to brag about our clients here, but we can't. Confidentiality is a Core Value.

Zelvin Security

Serving large and small financial institutions across the United States for over 20 years has given Zelvin Security the opportunity to help secure some of the most targeted organizations.

  • Network Penetration Testing - Web Application (DAST - DEV SEC OPS - Source Code Testing - Compliance Testing)
  • Mobile Applications - Vulnerability Assessment - Risk Assessment

If you are looking for security partner who gives your organization the compliance testing required by regulators and the security testing skills to help protect you from malicious hackers - you've found your team.

Zelvin Security

Public and Private School Districts

K-12 schools hold an incredibly important responsibility to mold our future leaders. Today, these schools rely on technology more than ever for both educational and operational purposes. With that, comes even more responsibility – protecting sensitive information. 

Our team works with school districts to provide cybersecurity consulting and testing. Our services comply with FERPA, EdLaw2D, and exceed the NIST Cybersecurity Framework requirements.

New York School Districts - State Aid Funding through BOCES is Available for Zelvin Security services.

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Replicating Hackers

Most web app penetration testers are using vulnerability assessment tools to identify security weaknesses. At Zelvin Security, we do not simply rely on these automated tools to test your application's resiliency.

We manually test your application to exploit the software and use its security weaknesses against itself. This deep-dive approach is your greatest chance at achieving a secure application.

Our application Ethical Hacking team has 20 years of experience testing software. We understand application development, secure coding, and how to use security holes within your application to replicate a bad actor's techniques.

Network Security

Test Your App

Chances are you are using a well-known application to run your business. Most businesses use web-based applications to manage inventory, communicate with clients, collect receivables, and manage employee production.

Most businesses assume that the web-based applications they are using have been tested for security weaknesses. The truth is-- most well-known applications have security holes and issues. These issues and vulnerabilities can lead to serious data breaches.

How do you know if your business is using an application with security issues? Ask the application vendor for a penetration testing report.


Protecting Your Business and Your Reputation

People often believe that web-based applications have been tested for security. Don't be fooled. Just because a well-known developer developed the app does not mean it has been tested for security flaws. The primary goal of an application developer is to sell the application, not protect your data.

Discover and mitigate the vulnerabilities in the applications your business uses every day. Contact us today to learn how. We'll work with your software developer, internal team, and other third parties to remediate security threats. You'll find our testing is on time and on-point.



As a Risk Management Officer, you know the importance of protecting your hospital system and clinics from cyber threats.

Our team of experienced ethical hackers are here to help you build a proactive security plan, reduce your cyber-risks, and potential violations imposed by non-compliance with the regulations.

Our testing will bring your organization above the compliance requirements to identify risks and vulnerabilities that could lead to disruption in patient care and data loss.


Software Applications are used by nearly every department within an organization today. These applications handle human resource documents, inventory, accounting, client communications and so much more.

Security testing is a key element in the lifecycle of an application for software developers. Maintaining integrity and trust of the user base is essential. This isn't the only reason web application penetration testing is on the rise.

Applications that have been tested by an independent company, like Zelvin Security, are X10 more likely to attract the attention large companies who have a "security first" approach to procuring new software.

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