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Cyber-risks are a top threat

to business growth

We can help build a sensible cybersecurity strategy and enhance your resiliency to cyber-attacks. 

Cyber-risks are a top threat to business growth

Our Ethical Hackers will build a cybersecurity strategy to reduce your risk of a cyber-attack.

The Value of a Cybersecurity Partnership

We know that compliance and security are a priority, and your budget isn’t endless. Our team identifies your biggest threats and provides the most cost-effective solutions. This custom approach supports the highest level of compliance and security.

Zelvin Security

Penetration Testing

Zelvin Security is a time-tested cybersecurity consultancy. Since 2002, our exclusive penetration testing methodology uncovers vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker can exploit them. Our team has the experience and business know-how to identify potential breach points and give you a strategic cybersecurity plan.

We’ll focus on your security while you focus on leveraging technology to keep your competitive edge.

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Application Security

Performing a web application pentest provides valuable insight into the security posture of most organizations. Businesses use applications to manage nearly every aspect of their operations. And when an application is compromised, all business systems are halted. A fatal mistake is assuming the application is secure. Apps are built for functionality, not security. Overcome this risk by testing your applications for security vulnerabilities.

Network Security

Network Security

From the clouds to the closet, your network is defended by firewalls, EPD, EPP, anti-malware services, and other essential services. Zelvin Security’s job is to test your defenses using the same tools as a hacker-in-the-wild to bypass your proactive security protections. We’ll show you how an adversary could compromise your system and then give you risk-reducing strategies to protect your business.


Compliance Security

Complying with regulations and privacy standards imposed by authorities (PCI DSS, HIPAA, New York's SHIELD ACT, DFARS, and DFS 23 NYCRR 500, Ed Law 2D) may seem complex. Zelvin Security can help you successfully address risks and security controls to meet regulatory requirements.

Zelvin Security
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Protect Your Business With Cybersecurity

  • Identify Risks
  • Offer Practical and Cost-Effective Strategies
  • Deliver Custom Solutions
  • Provide Clear Communication
  • Employ Best-in-Class Pentesters

Zelvin Security offers support and cybersecurity consulting. When you’re concerned about your cyber risk, getting ready for an audit, or remediating issues, our knowledgeable team can support your cybersecurity goals.


Don't wait another minute to protect your business -- call today to schedule a no obligation, custom quote, and discover your cyber-risks.

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