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Zelvin Security's Ethical Hacking provides free, monthly educational webinars for business leaders, IT Directors, and professionals. The online webinars bring security minded leaders together to learn how to improve security practices and reduce the threat landscape for their organization. Join us and bring your questions!

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How to Squeeze More Out of Your Cybersecurity Budget

Get more security in your cybersecurity budget!

Even though businesses are spending more on cybersecurity, are they spending it where it matters most?

Join us as we dive into how to get the most from your cybersecurity budget.

We will cover some of the reasons why businesses are spending MORE on cybersecurity and attacks are happening MORE often.

We’ll discuss how, what, and where you should focus to get the most out of your cyber spending plan.

How to get the most from security protections you are already paying for?

What are some key security protections with the best ROI?

Where should you focus your efforts to maximize your protections?

End 2023 with enhanced cybersecurity resilience and set your organization up for success in 2023. Join us for a 30-minute free webinar from the cybersecurity consults at Zelvin Security.

Zelvin Security

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Previous Podcast for CPAs

There are significant cybersecurity issues impacting the accounting profession. In this episode, host Sean Stein Smith, CPA, talks with Lisa Atkinson of Zelvin Security about ethical hacking, best practices for protecting internal and client data, effective technology tools and more. Listen to the Issues Watch Podcast here: Key Cybersecurity Considerations for Accountants

A Zelvin Security guiding principle includes providing education and adding value to security minded organizations.

We believe that by educating our customers, we can build trust, establish long-term relationships, and create a better overall experience for everyone involved. 

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