Vulnerability Management Tool

Zelvin Analytics is a VM tool designed to sort, prioritize, and manage vulnerabilities in real time.

Administrators and CTOs: Track the progress of open vulnerabilities and gain insight into the findings by priority level.

IT Teams: Prioritize your remediation efforts and reduce risks swiftly.

Do you know the difference between a good cybersecurity or penetration testing report report and what it means to "Set the Standard in Penetration Testing?"

It's the report. In the end, your business hired us to improve your security posture, so it is our job to give you the tools to do it.

Written Report: Immediately after the pentest, you'll receive a written report, complete with an overview of the path to compromise, the findings, and a step-by-plan to remediate.

Cybersecurity Consulting: We will meet with your technical team to review the report: We'll provide tips on how to reduce vulnerabilities in an efficient way and help your team build their security-mindset.

Dashboard: Zelvin Analytics is an exclusive tool for our clients to track, monitor, and prioritize their vulnerabilities in real-time. Your IT team will receive access to the dashboard and can close tickets as they are remediated.

Executive Summary: A boardroom ready summary, complete with graphs, strengths, and opportunities is perfect for senior leadership and board presentations