Zelvin Security delivers actionable, practical results in a report format built for your entire team.


ROI Zelvin Report 2

Our report becomes your guide.

Know where to focus your time and money, instead of remediating findings one at a time.

Resolve vulnerabilities with ease and safe money with practical solutions.

Avoid reacting, it is more expensive and risky. Build a plan for the future.

Convey cyber-risks using facts to your board of directors, stakeholders, and senior leadership team.

Protect your business with confidence, and create a stronger cybersecurity posture.

Go from reacting to security threats to building a program to remove security risks.

Build Your Security Plan with Confidence


With the Zelvin Security's Executive Decision Making Guide, your penetration test results tell you the vulnerabilities a hacker could use to compromise your business and how to build your security plan with confidence and focus so you can get ahead of cyber-criminals.

At Zelvin Security your Penetration Test Results are organized in three categories.

Executive Focus - guide to budget and prepare for the greatest needs of the organization.

Technical Instructions - giving your technical team the step-by-step directions to remediate the findings. These findings are custom and highly technical.

Improvement Guide - prioritize your team's goals so they can make the most of their time, money, and effort.

Build a security program