Improve Your Business’s Cybersecurity Posture

Zelvin Security provides penetration testing and cybersecurity consulting, enabling businesses to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Our security team partners with your MSP and internal IT Team to guide you through penetration testing, security compliance, and risk management strategies.

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Reduce Cyber Risks

Security testing is the key to proactively reducing cyber risks. By identifying vulnerabilities through third-party, independent penetration testing, organizations can proactively remediate security gaps before they can be exploited by cybercriminals. 

A hacker-in-the-wild is focused on gaining control of your organization for financial gain. The goal of Zelvin Security during a penetration test is uncover cyber-risks that could lead to compromise. 

Security testing is the best method to confirm that existing security measures are effective and uncovering unknown cyber-risks before it is too late.

Penetration testing emulates an adversary to reveal vulnerable blind spots. 

Can the hacker...

  • Gain Internal Network Access
  • Move laterally from a compromised workstation to a high-value target
  • Intercept and crack passwords
  • Access sensitive client information (PHI, PII, PCI, Intellectual Property)
  • Remain undetected even when Endpoint Detection, Alerts, and Monitoring is in place
Network Security

Spend Your Cyber Budget Wisely

We use a custom approach so we can deliver the best value in security testing and make every dollar count.

Our Approach


  • We are vendor neutral.
    • We do not sell or recommend security products or tools.  
  • We do not provide IT services.
    • We use an independent perspective with an adversarial mindset.

Sensible Engagements

  • Your IT environment is unique.
    • With your input, we will define the scope with clear goals.
  • Your IT team will benefit for years to come.
    • Our test results include they "why" behind the security recommendations. 

Pragmatic Recommendations 

  • A root-cause analysis is performed on every finding.
    • This is often the most cost effective method to reduce risk. 
    • This often resolves several findings at once.
    • Foundational risk remediation keeps the issue from occurring again.

Business Friendly Results

Operations vs. Security are not always aligned, and we can help.

Operations teams are focused on sales, revenue, growth, and profits. This requires efficient workflows, low costs, and a keen focus on the business mission.

Security teams are focused on threats, external and internal risks, and layering protections. This sometimes requires inconvenient or new workflows and spending on training which impacts business output.

To overcome this common barrier, Zelvin Security will use 20 years of cybersecurity consulting experience to find the delicate balance between the  operations and security teams. 

We do this by using recommendations that are appropriate, convenient, and meet security standards against today's cyber threats.

Each Zelvin Security finding includes two key components.

Evidence - Using results from the security test, the vulnerabilities include screenshots, code excerpts, or other pieces of data to provide artifacts regarding the risks.

Education - Test results include an underlining description of the security risk. This help the business teams gain a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity problem and the motivations behind the security need.

Network Penetration Test

This uncovers gaps and entry points that malicious actors could use to enter your system and understand how they might behave once they are in.

Zelvin Security's penetration testers have years of experience who move swiftly to uncover areas of weaknesses with the goal of simulating a real-world style attack. The findings are then compiled into an accurate report, organized by risk level, revealing technical recommendations aligned with business goals.

Web Application Penetration Test

Web Apps store sensitive data.

This treasure-trove of data is a magnet for breach attempts. Discover how an attacker could use your core business data to alter accounts, access personal information, or render your web app unusable. In production or QA, Zelvin Security's team uses years of experience to test authentication, input variables, business logic, and other application components.

Vulnerability Assessment

With this, you can secure the perimeter of your business to identify well-known vulnerabilities used by hackers-in-the-wild to exploit your digital assets.

Zelvin Security will test your digital assets and prepare an easy-to-use roadmap to help you focus on the security risks most threatening to your business. After the assessment, you'll meet with a penetration tester to understand the vulnerabilities and the most practical and efficient method for remediation. Your custom roadmap-style report will save you time and money so you can focus on your business.

Security Awareness Training

With this training, you can:

  • Teach your employees how to spot a phishing email or other types of social engineering attacks
  • Learn the tricks hackers use to make a malicious email look legitimate and how to verify the message is safe
  • Understand the risks of using insecure passwords and foil an attacker's attempts to compromise your data

Cloud Service Testing

Conduct effective cloud computing penetration testing of your data handled by cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure, or other cloud partners.

Wireless Test

Zelvin Security wireless assessments may include:

  • Wireless signal mapping
  • SSID broadcast configurations
  • Protocol configurations
  • Overall wireless architecture review

Primary Source Analysis

Helping you discover the primary cause of security issues secures the business from the root.

Zelvin Security's team is one of the most experienced testers in the industry. They uncover the fundamental sources of security weaknesses and provide a strategy to guide you through the most cost-effective and efficient remediation strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Comply with HIPAA, PCI DSS, DoD, Ed Law 2D, New York's DFS Certifications, and other industry required security requirements designed to protect the disclosure of PHI, PII, proprietary trade secrets, and supply chain attacks.
  • Achieve compliance and protect your sensitive information.

Our security compliance is scalable to large and small businesses. Let's get your business compliant today!

Concierge-Level Support


We Are Dedicated to Your Success

We are committed to improving your business's security posture by providing ongoing support and consultative security services.

As the threat landscape is complex, we are here to answer your questions, brainstorm ideas, and offer advice.

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