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Third-Party Cybersecurity Testing for Business with Outsourced IT Teams


Third-Party Cybersecurity Testing for Business with Outsourced IT Teams

Cyber criminal's are more sophisticated today than ever before. That is why business owners are turning to their MSP for network security protections. These tool-based security products and security training are very important to maintaining cybersecurity best practices.

This is smart, but it isn't enough to keep the bad actors at bay. In order to reduce cyber risks and protect against hackers-in-the-wild, security testing is required. This is a test performed by an independent, security professional to uncover blind spots and test for vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker finds them.

Zelvin Security

IT Partners working together to protect your organization from Cybercriminals.

MSPs provide ongoing IT support services, while ethical hackers perform targeted security testing to identify vulnerabilities.

Why doesn't my MSP offer Security Testing?

Your MSP specializes in IT operations and is not trained to safely test for cybersecurity risks using hacker tools.

They also can't check their own work. It's too difficult to find blind spots in a self assessment.

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the tested area and attempts to exploit security controls, authentication mechanisms, configuration permissions to attack the environment.

During the penetration test the Ethical Hacker attempts to:

  • Gain access to restricted information, user accounts, and sensitive information
  • Move laterally from one environment to another when access is restricted
  • Uncover protected data and other opportunities to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business records
  • Mount the domain controller, printers, cameras, IOTs, workstations, and other assets
  • Identify the level of sophistication needed to deploy ransomware or malicious files
How often is a penetration test needed?

Most businesses hire a third-party penetration tester (aka Ethical Hacker) annually and when there are major changes to the staff or infrastructure.

Is Zelvin Security going to replace my MSP?

No, Zelvin Security does not provide or sell IT services. The team is trained to perform security tests and strictly focuses on this specialty.

What is my MSP's role in the Security Testing Process?
  • Your MSP and Zelvin Security will communicate regularly to make sure your business is not interrupted during testing, and you get the most value from both IT teams.
Zelvin Security

Your MSP (Managed Service Provider) provides ongoing IT services to your organization. They are your help desk, your network manager, and the IT professionals who make sure your organization is using cybersecurity best practices throughout the year.

Cybersecurity testing professionals at Zelvin Security, are your independent, third-party security team who uncover weaknesses in the system so that they can be fixed by the MSP before they are exploited by malicious actors.

Our teams are working for you with a common goal in mind:

To improve the security and your organization's resiliency against malicious hackers.

Find out why the most security-minded MSPs partner with Zelvin Security. Download your guide now.

MSPs: Receive access to top Ethical Hacking professionals to help your clients improve their security program, comply with regulations, and protect their business from malicious hackers.